Teaching Kids to Knit: Make it Positive

It is always an honor when a child expresses an interest in your craft. Whether the child is your own, a grandchild, a student, or a neighbor, teaching a child to knit is a precious opportunity. You aren’t just passing down a skill; you’re creating a memory, a bond-and a new knitter. Ask the knitters you know: They can tell you who taught them to knit!

When you teach a child to knit, remember that the lesson is more about the experience of knitting than the mechanics. You need more patience than knowledge, more love than advanced skill.

After teaching thousands of kids at The Handwork Studio, we’ve come up with some tips designed to make both the teaching and the learning experiences rewarding and memorable.

Focus on process, not product. 

As a knitter, you try to make your work look perfect. For children, perfection shouldn’t be the focus. The goal is to have fun and minimize frustration. Don’t over-correct; encourage instead. A child who enjoys...

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7 Benefits of Handwork

education handwork sewing Sep 01, 2019

Today, nearly every child owns a smartphone, tablet, or some other technological device. A study conducted in 2015 found that most children have their first cellphone by age six. They rely on technology to perform even the easiest tasks and immerse themselves in social media, phone apps, and mobile games nearly every second of their waking day. But, even now in this technology-driven world, it’s important for children not to lose sight of the basic skills past generations have developed out of necessity. 

Take a look at these health benefits that handwork offers children of all ages.

Reduce Stress Levels

Since the 1990s, the Craft Yarn Council has surveyed thousands of knitters and crocheters on what they perceive to be the main benefits of their respective crafts. Respondents have routinely listed stress relief as one of the activities’ primary benefits.

Even though children have yet to be exposed to the “real world” of financial woes, job stressors,...

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